Weekend Whereabouts – Adam’s Birthday

I really meant to post this sooner, but it has been a crazy/busy/stressful week! 

Anyways….last weekend I planned a BIG surprise to celebrate Adam’s birthday!!  You should know that I love planning surprises, but Adam doesn’t usually cooperate very well.  So, over the previous 2 weeks, I slowly let him think that we were going out of town for his birthday…I even played it off like he had “caught” me spilling the secret when I told some friends that we’re going out of town for the next several weekends in a row! 

So, Friday after work, I packed some empty suitcases into the trunk of my car, and when Adam got home from work, told him to pack up his toiletries so we could get going.  It had been a long week for him, and he was acting all grumpy about the fact that we’d be leaving the dogs, and that he didn’t want to go anywhere.  Just before we were about to leave, I gave him a card that was his Birthday Surprise No. 1. (See picture 1.)  It had a picture of a beach on the front and the words “Get ready to go on a trip with me! To the far away land of….”  And the inside said “JUST KIDDING!! We’re only going out to dinner!”  

He was sooo excited and thought that it was hilarious!  (See his reaction in Picture 2.)  We then went out to a lovely Thai dinner, the Birthday Boy’s choice!  On the way home, we picked up some beer for what Adam thought would be just a quiet evening at home.  Little did he know that i had been texting all evening with Lani to make sure the timing of the real surprise would go smoothly.  I even had to hurry him out of the store by faking having to pee!

When we got home, I presented him a birthday gift – he was so confused when he unwrapped the Captain’s hat!  But, then there was another card, Birthday Surprise No. 2, that explained that we’d be spending the following day on a rented boat on a nearby lake.  (Picture 2.)

The third, and final surprise came with another card that said “Guess who is coming with us?  (open the door)”.  Adam opened the front door of our house, and standing outside was 4 of his best buddies: Felipe, Brian, Aaron & Lani!!  (Picture 5)  He was shocked and soooo excited!!  It made me so happy to be able to pull this off and surprise my hubby!  Everyone came in and we had some carrot cake cupcakes (Adam’s fave) to celebrate. 

Then next morning we got up early, had breakfast, and went to the lake our day on a boat!


  1. Birthday Surprise No. 1
  2. We’re going on a boat!
  3. Gotta love that surprised face!
  4. Adam and Brian
  5. Aaron, Lani, Captain Adam, Felipe, & Brian right after their arrival
  6. Lani & I enjoying the sun, and the other 6. (since i apparently can’t count) is Captain Felipe
  7. Aaron & Lani are just too cute!
  8. The boys on the boat
  9. Felipe & Adam
  10. the breif reign of Captain Ivy
  11. nothin’ better than just floating in the water on a hot day!

I had been very worried that we’d have bad weather, but luckily it was a gorgeous day!  (Well, up until about 4pm, anyways!)  We had so much fun just driving the boat around, swiming at the sand bar, jumping off the moving boat (which is apparently illegal…who knew??), eating lunch while anchored in a cove, and of course drinkin’ lots of beer!  There was a pretty bad thunder and lightning storm that rolled in around 4pm.  Things got pretty scary there for a while, but thankfully Captain Aaron got us through! 

Me and my handsome Captain!

That evening, we grilled out at the house, hung out for a bit, and then went to bed.  Boating can be quite exhausting!

The next morning, his friends had to leave fairly early, but we were so glad that they came!!  Adam slept in while I cleaned the house a bit, and then his family came to town that afternoon for some bowling and sushi dinner.  (Birthday boy’s request!)

  1. Adam and his mom (shouldn’t birthdays really be about celebrating the mom’s anyways?? they did all the work!)
  2. Me and the hubs
  3. Brenna & Adam
  4. Brenna and I now have a signature shot whenever we go bowling!
  5. Gunga & his TWIN!  (Adam’s dad’s nickname is Gunga, and he was getting very grumpy that the waiter was not coming quick enough to take his order.  Just a few seconds before this shot Gunga was making the same EXACT face as in the painting behind him! ha!)
  6. This is what  happens when you don’t feed him quickly enough!
  7. Bowling Family Fun!

After dinner we had carrot cake back at the house and Adam got to spend a little time loving on his parent’s dog Rascal.

Rascal & his boy

 All in all, it was a wonderful weekend!  I could not have been more happy about how the surprises turned out! 

Yesterday, Adam’s actual birthday, we had a quick dinner of Chinese take-out at the house and went to see Harry Potter with my dad and sister.  Honey, I hope you had a fabulous time celebrating your birthday!  I love you so much!!!


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One response to “Weekend Whereabouts – Adam’s Birthday

  1. Lauren Coburn

    a.) it is super cool our husbands have the same birthday. b.) carrot cake is THE best cake ever and c.) you are such an awesome wife for planning such an amazing surprise! xoxo

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