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(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

I’ve decided that my blog needs more pictures of the animals!  After all, the title is ‘my life with adam AND the animals’, and they haven’t had much face-time on the blog yet!  So, here goes my first attempt at ‘Wordless’ Wednesday, which in my case, obviously, will not be completely wordless.  Enjoy!

Sophie & Emma snuggling on the bed the other night!

And then Pookey came to join in the snuggle-fest.

Seriously….my doggies are the cutest!!! 🙂

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Weekend Whereabouts – Daphne and Andrew’s Engagment Party


This past weekend was another busy & fun one!  On Friday night, Adam and I were so excited to spend some time with Kristen – one of Adam’s best buddies from Veterinary School!  We hadn’t seen her since last May when they graduated because she has been VERY busy this past year working in Kentucky at one of the most prestigious Equine Internships in the country.  We really missed her and it was so great getting to catch up!

Kristen’s old eating habits remain strong!  Just Kidding!  We shared those nachos!

We got to hear all about her year working rediculous hours for a ‘House-like’ equine vet, her & Brian’s wedding plans, and her recent trip to France where she learned to make these delicious treats!

YUM!! Thanks for dessert, Kristen!

Then, Saturday morning, Adam left for the beach with Sophie.  I know it seems mean to leave Emma at home while Sophie gets to go to the beach, but it would have been too much for Adam to deal with 2 dogs at the beach house.  Especially since his parents’ 2 dogs were going to be there.  And, also, Emma is just as happy at home laying on the couch, as she is anywhere else.  Anyways, Adam went to the beach with his family to celebrate his dad’s birthday.  I couldn’t go, however, because I was helping to host an engagement party!

Daphne is without a doubt the sweetest person I know.  We have been friends since high school, and I am so excited to be a bridesmaid in her wedding! 

The Happy Couple

She and Andrew are such a great couple, and we had so much fun planning their engagement party!  Here is some of the decor:

Decorations for Daphne & Andrew's Engagement Party (I made the chalkboard signs!)

 The party had a bird/birdcage theme and since Daph loves anything mini, we made all mini-foods!  There were lots of cocktails and games, too.  Surprisingly, the sporty-powerhouse couple of our group (Emily & Balti) were defeated in a hard-core game of badmitton by Shannon (who is pregnant!) and Justin.   

All in all, everyone had a fabulous time, and the party was a great success!  Big shout-out to Miquel for organizing everything!  Here’s a few more pictures of the night.

Me and the other lovely hostesses, and me cracking up at Chrissie's husband for photo-bombing us!

The Bride-to-be with Chrissie - my friends are so pretty! 🙂

Emily, Miquel, and Shannon with the mini ice cream cones!

On Sunday, I slept in a bit, cuddling with Emma, and then had a Pajamma Birthday Brunch with my dad, Erin, and my mom.  (Yes, my parents have been divorced since I was 8, but they still get along great, and have always remained friends.)  I forgot to get pictures, but the food, as always, was AMAZING!  My daddy made delicious home-made blintzes with a cherry sauce and we also had fresh fruit, cheesey scrambled eggs, and bacon.  We had fun just eating and talking, and I got a kate spade wallet as my b-day gift, and also new pj pants from my mom! 🙂  It was really nice to have some relaxing time alone with my parents.  I love them all!

Then I just spent the day running errands and then had dinner with my grandparents.  I’ve got to get better at taking pictures everywhere I go, so that I have more pix for the blog.

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My Birthday

Yesterday I turned 28 years old!  Despite the fact that I had to work (ugh!), I had a very nice birthday.   

Cheers to my birthday!

The hubby took me out to 1900 Mexican Grill where we shared a pitcher of margaritas, guacamole made table-side, at least 2 baskets of tortilla chips and Fajitas de la Casa.

Almost too much food to fit on the table!

After dinner we went home with about 10 pounds of left-overs, and then spent the rest of the evening cuddling with the dogs.  There was a big thunderstorm so all 5 of us (me, adam, sophie, emma, and my mom’s dog chichi who is staying with us for a couple nights) snuggled in the bed pretending to be scared.  Perfect end to the evening!

My real birthday present came a couple weeks ago, but yesterday my hubby surprised me with a gift certificate to a nearby yoga studio and a yoga mat!  I can’t wait to try to figure out this whole yoga thing!  I am hoping that it will be a good work-out as well as calming & relaxing. 

So, on to the real gift:  I desperately needed a new purse, but never would have dreamed of buying a designer brand.  That is, until a couple of weeks ago when my dear friend Miquel informed me of a Kate Spade Online Sample Sale.  They were like 60% off!!!  I browsed through all of the beautiful bags, and then immediately informed Adam that I had found my birthday gift and would be putting it on our credit card shortly. haha!

Of course, Ivy went with the red one!

All in all, it was a great birthday! I think 28 is going to be a wonderful year! 🙂

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Weekend Whereabouts – Daddy & Erin Got Married!

This past weekend was absolutely wonderful!  My dad and Erin have been together for 6 years, and this past weekend they made it ‘official’ and got married!  The whole weekend they were both just beaming with happiness, and it was so great to celebrate them! 

We got the party started on Friday night with a Low-Country Boil made by Erin’s sister Monica and her boyfriend Mike.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with this delicious concoction, it’s just a big pot filled with shrimp, potatos, sausage, crab legs, and corn on the cob all boiled with some old bay seasoning and some red pepper flakes for a bit of heat.  You serve it by dumping the whole pot onto a table covered in news paper, and then everyone just digs in!

The Happy Couple Admiring the Feast

Dori and I with the Bride-to-be!

 Then, the wedding was on Saturday.  I spent the morning helping the bride get ready.  (Don’t worry Erin, I won’t post any of the ‘before’ pictures!)  The ceremony was at their house in the back yard (where Adam and I got married!). It was short and sweet, and we just barely beat the rain!

The Chuppah


Dori and I with the BEAUTIFUL Bride!


We love you Daddy!

Mr. & Mrs. Littman!


Check out that Bling!

After the ceremony everyone went back inside the house to celebrate with champagne, and then we all headed over to Upstream for a delicious dinner and dessert reception.

Thumbs-up for no longer being Quasi-Cousins! Pierce and I were very excited!

Adam and I with my Great-Aunt Anne

Adam and I at the Reception with Erin

The next day was Father’s day, and we celebrated by having my mom, Dori, and Grandparents over for dinner.  (Sami is away at camp for the summer, and we missed her dearly!) Adam grilled steaks, mom made cesar salad, Dori made roasted veggies and croissants, and I made dessert!  It was truely a family effort. 

Happy Father's Day Pappy!

All in all, it was an exhausting, but fabulous weekend!  It makes me so happy to have so many joyus events to celebrate, and such a loving and wonderful family to celebrate them with! 🙂

(Speaking of celebrating….today is my birthday!  Post to come about that later!)

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I am a klutz!

I am just one of those people who is clumsy and always getting hurt.  This wonderful trait was most certainly inherited from my mom.  She has quite a knack for inflicting emergency-room-worthy injuries on holidays!  But thankfully my injuries haven’t been as severe as hers…..yet. 

Like for instance, earlier this week i went outside to haul our big trash bin out to the curb for its weekly pick-up.  The chore started innocently enough, as I grabbed the handles and cautiously leaned the large, smelly can back at an angle suitable for rolling.  Carefully, I took a step backwards up our steep driveway towards the street.   And then another step, until all of the sudden, my foot landed squarely on one of those round, spikey gumballs!  I faltered, and then my foot went sliding forward and I fell to the ground with the giant garbage can landing right on top of me!  Yes, folks, I was laying in the middle of my driveway with one of these bad boys on top of the bottom half of my body!

Stunned at first, I just sat there for a minute thinking “Seriously, Ivy? Did this just happen? Are you actually stuck under a trash can right now??”.  I tried to lift it.  I tried to roll it.  But, try as I might, that garbage was heavy!  From the position I was in, I couldn’t get it off me without risking spilling trash all over myself and the driveway.  So, I called for reinforcement.  “Adam!  Come here!” I screamed, hoping that he could hear me from inside the house.  “No, seriously!  Help!” I screamed again.  Luckily, that did the trick, and he came out to rescue me.  But, not without laughing hysterically at me, first! haha!

My mom likes to blame our klutziness on the fact that we’re obviously so smart that our brains just move too fast for our bodies to keep up.  I agree, mom! 🙂

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Weekend Whereabouts

This past weekend was fun and relaxing!  We did a lot, but for us, this was actually a pretty low-key one.  On Friday night, we cooked dinner at home and then went to see the movie Megamind at an outdoor showing in a park close to our house.  We love this kind of movie that is kind-of for kids, yet kind-of for adults, and it had us both laughing out loud!  It was so nice to just sit outside together on a blanket on a warm summer night with a couple beers and a bag of popcorn.  Just perfect!

On Saturday, I ran some errands in the morning while Adam worked.  (Including buying some new toys for the doggies, which they loved!)  And, that evening we went to the Taste of Charlotte in uptown.  Taste of Charlotte is a big food festival where lots of local restaurants sell ‘tastes’ of their signature dishes outside on the blocked-off streets of uptown.  The food was delish, and there was lots of other entertainment, too.  Here’s us about to have our first ‘taste’ with our Taste of Charlotte Coins.

Taste of Charlotte
After we took care of the most important thing (EATING!!), we met up with my dear friends Miquel and Daphne (and Daphne’s parents) to listen to a fabulous band!  Daph’s Fiance, Andrew,  plays bass in a band called Pseudo Blue, and it was so great to finally hear them play!!  They were rocking the streets of Charlotte until the rain came, and we all had to scramble to get the instruments and equipment covered.  But, luckily, I got a good pic first!

Pseudo Blue

 Once we realized that the rain was inevitable, Adam and I ran back to the lynx (lightrail), and took it home.  We ended up getting totally soaking wet, but that’s OK!  All in all, we had a wonderful evening!

Sunday we slept in and then spent the day cleaning.  We had an early dinner with my mom and grandparents, a long walk with the doggies, and then it was off to bed early….

Shout-Out:  My dear friend Courtney works for Taste of Charlotte, and I have to give her a shout-out for putting on a wonderful event!!  Also, I must give her credit for the name of this blog.  “Adam and the Animals” is an idea she had years ago for a children’s book about a veterinarian, based on my hubby, of course! Courtney is one of the most creative people I know!  She makes art, jewelry, clothes, hair accessories (like for my wedding), and I’m sure she will make an amazing children’s author/illustrator one day! 

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My very first blog post!

I’ve wanted to start a blog for some time now, but I found the very first blog post to be my biggest hurdle.  It seemed more important than the rest, somehow, and I wanted to make sure it was really great.  I just had no idea what to write for the first post.  That is, until my friend Lauren gave me some surprisingly simple advice a couple weeks ago. “Just introduce yourself,” she said, “tell everyone who you are.”  And so, my new bloggy friends, that is what I shall do!

Hi!  I’m Ivy….yes, haha, just like Poison Ivy.  And, no, I’ve never heard that one before….you’re so funny…

I am a wife.  My hubby is Adam and he is a veterinarian.  We started dating in Fall 2004 at the beginning of our senior year of college, and we got married last year on Labor Day weekend. He’s my very best friend, he always finds a way to make me laugh, and I know he is on my team. I love him sooooo much!

Our Wedding Day

Our Wedding Day

I am a momma to our adorable pets.  We have two precious labs; Sophie, ‘the princess’ is a 5 year old black lab, and Emma, the ‘big-loveable-dumb-dog’ is an approximately 2.5 year old yellow lab.  Just one for now, but don’t worry….there will PLENTY more pix of the doggies to come….

Sophie & Emma Playing on the Beach – December 2010

As I like to say, “we have dogs and Adam has a cat.”  Pookey is his our 13 year old cat.  Mr. Pookey (yes, Pookey is obviously a boy-cat’s name) and I are forced to cohabitate, and we’re both tolerating it.  (Sorry – no cat pix right now!)

I am a daughter and a sister. Family is extremely important to me, and my family is very close, always loving, and more than a little bit crazy.  My parents have been divorced since I was 8, but they get along great!  I love that my mom and I have become such good freinds as I’ve gotten older.  Its so nice to live close to her again, and also to be close to my dad and his (almost) wife Erin.  My sisters are a little further away with Dori in Colorado and my little sister Sami going off to college next year at George Washington University! 

The WHOLE Family

I am a Jewish woman.  I am definitely not the most religious person, but culturally, being Jewish is very important to me.  It is an essential part of who I am, and I know that Judaism will always play an important role in my life. 

I am a nerd.  My college degree is Materials Science Engineering. I put pretty much everything into an Excel spreadsheet.  I love math and science – anything that can be proven with a few equations certainly trumps anything that needs an essay to explain.  I guess that mindset is what makes me rational and realistic – almost to a fault.  I am not now, nor have I ever been, ‘cool’….and that’s perfectly fine with me! 

Last, but CERTAINLY not least, I am a friend.  I am lucky enough to be friends with some pretty amazing people…and I love that my mix of nearest & dearest includes people I have known since I was 3, frends from Middle School (go Scottsmen!), High School (go Eagles!), Hewbrew School, college (go Wolfpack!), Summer Camp, and beyond.  Here are pix of just a few…. I’m sure the rest of them will be making appearances sooner or later!

Abbie Got Married!
All ‘The Girls’ at Miquel’s Engagment Party

So, that’s me!  There are many more things that I probably could add to this list, and many more things that I WISH I could add to this list.  But, for now, this is my introduction.

Phew!  First blog post is done!!! yay!!!

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